Atholl Beauty Prices

Eve Taylor Facials:
Spring clean: 40 minutes £28.00
cleanse, exfoliate, mask, mini facial massage, tone & moisturise with a hand massage. 
Teenage Facial: 1 hour 10 minutes £30.00
cleanse, exfoliate, mask, facial massage, moisturise with eyebrow tidy.
Luxury Facial: 1 hour 10 minutes £38.00
cleanse, exfoliate, mask, facial massage, tone & moisturise with a scalp, hand and foot massage. 
Deluxe facial:1 hour 15 minutes £45.00
luxury facial plus a specalised mask.
Add a mini back massage to a facial for £12.00 extra

1 hour £33.00
follow in the footsteps of the ancient Egyptians and Chinese with this holistic therapy by working on pressure points in the feet.

1 hour £27.00
This ancient no evasive Japanese therapy works in the emotional, spiritual & physical levels, can lower stress.

Ear Candeling:
45 minutes £30.00
The sharman healers and the Greeks used this treatment as a mean of cleansing. This therapy relaxes & calms the mind to create balance. Can help with ear, sinus, throat & head complaints.

Eye Treatments :
Eyebrow shape £9.00
**Eyebrow tint £7.00
**Eyelash tint £15.00
**Eyelash perm £35.00
**Eyelash perm & tint £45.00
Lash tint/perm/tint & perm includes a mini hand, scalp or foot massage.**Patch test required 24 hours prior to treatment.

Lava Shell Massage: 
30 minutes £36.00
Tiger clam shell from the Philippines is warmed to give you a relaxing & luxury back massage.

Hot Stone Back Therapy:
40 minutes - Back £35.00
1 hour - Back & Back of legs £48.00
1 hour & 30 minutes - Body £60.00
A relaxing massage with aromatherapy oils and a warm lava stone, includes deep lymphatic drainage to back of legs.

Aromatherapy & Swedish Massage:
40 minutes - Back, Neck & shoulder £29.50
1 hour - Body £43.00
1 hour - Back, Face & Scalp (includes facial cleanse) £43.00
my unique blend of aromatherapy and swedish massage tailored to suit your individual needs.

Indian Head Massage:
1 hour £47.00
Includes back, neck & shoulders. A great treatment for migraine & sinus suffers.

Paraffin Wax Back Massage:
1 hour £47.00
Includes back exfoliation, a great treatment for relieving the aches & pains of muscles & arthritic complaints.

Thai Style Massage: 
45 minutes - Back £45.00
1 hour 40 minutes - Body £80.00
This invigorating massage incorporates herbal heat and compresses, used by ancient Thai healers in their sacred temples. A purifying & detoxifying treatment that aids in healing mind & spirit.

St Tropez Tanning: 
Half body £20.00
Full body £30.00
Get a healthy looking tan with the world leading cream.

Changing time included (10 minutes) to all massage treatments.

Waxing Treatments:
Half leg £18.50
Full leg £25.00
Full leg & bikini £32.00
Swimmers wax (half leg & thigh back) £20.00
Bikini £15.00
Underarm £9.50
Forearm £9.00
Eyebrow £9.00
Top lip £5.00
Chin £5.00
Top lip & Chin £9.00

Back wax from £20.00
Chest wax from £15.00
Pedicure £20.00
Mini Revitalising Facial £25.00
Deluxe Facial (includes Aliginate mask) £40.00

OPI Nailcare:
Hands: includes exfolation, cuticle work, file, buff & polish. 
Manicure £20.00 / Gel £26.00
Luxury Manicure £27.00 / Gel £33.00 (includes warm mittens & massage)
Paraffin wax Manicure £33.00 (includes warm mittens) excellent for arthritic hands - clear polish only
Gel nail removal £10.00

Feet: includes exfoliation, cutice work, file & polish. 
Pedicure £25.00 / Gel £28.00
Luxury Pedicure £28.00 / Gel £31.50 with warm booties (includes polish or foot mask & massage)

Signature Packages:

To the Moon and Back: £75.00
Hot Stone Massage
Express Facial

Sea Breeze Unwind: £75.00
Deluxe Facial
Lava Shell Back Massage

Eastern Promise: £70.00
Indian Head Massage

Holiday Essentials: £57.00
Half Leg Wax
Bikini Wax 
Underarm Wax
Eyebrow Shape
Eyelash Tint

Holiday Dreams: £75.00
St Tropez Ful Tan 
Gel Manicure
Gel Pedicure 

Make up Application:

Wedding price list
Bride: trial £35.00 / wedding day £40.00
Bridesmaid: trial £35.00 / wedding day £35.00
Mother of the Bride/Groom: £25.00
Prices above exclude travel/call out charge.

Day & Party Make-up £25.00
Make-up Lesson £25.00